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  1. Joostagram


    bing bong?
  2. Joostagram

    Joostagram's resignation letter

    Hello friends, I have joined the server on August 2017 and have stayed ever since. A couple months later I got the chance to get helper, I have loved every seconds of staffing even if we've had ups and downs. My time has now come to step down as admin and builder manager, leaving my job to the...
  3. Joostagram

    To new skyblock players!

    I just updated the guide: If you think that anything else should be added or changed, let me know!
  4. Joostagram

    Merry Christmas!

    I wish you guys a happy and merry Christmas, or Hanukkah, or whichever you’re celebrating :) I hope you’ll spend a wonderful time with your loved ones and that 2019 will bring happiness to your life. ☆彡 xoxo
  5. Joostagram

    Skycade's 3rd anniversary

    Not much to say here, but today (Nov 27th) is Skycade's 3rd anniversary and I just wanted to thank everyone who's been part of the journey and community. Here's to the many years to come! <3
  6. Joostagram

    My finished island ^-^

    So it is finally done and I wanted to share the result here :) (6 pictures in the IMGUR link)
  7. Joostagram

    My island progress!

    I've been building my island's spawn on skyblock for about a week and I just wanted to share the progress of it as well as some suggestions as to what I can add to make it prettier! Keep in mine it's not done yet :) The pwarp is /pwarp Joostagram on skyblock-g if you want to see it for yourself...
  8. Joostagram

    Hi, hello!

    Well hello there, haven't done an introduction thread in a while! I'm Joostagram, French Moderator for the SkyCade network since October 19th 2017! I don't really have much to say about myself honestly >< My favorite gamemode is skyblock, so you'll see me there quite often (probably fooling...
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