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  1. SmexyTeemo


    Yes hello. SmexyTeemo, aka RinTosaka, your favourite player here!!! I am planning to retire from the competitive side of factions and retire in skycade... sad, right??!?!? But yeah... welcome back, I guess???
  2. SmexyTeemo

    HuGe SuGGedTiOnS V2

    Sup guys it's your boi smexyteemo here! Imma list em suggestions here. 1) staffs are not allow to play on their staff accounts 2) start purging inactive staffs. 3) stop demoting good staffs that are actually active. 4) make an envoy system for factions. 5) add a better potting system as there is...
  3. SmexyTeemo

    Netflix Recruitment

    Sup closet weebs! Netflix is back with another recruitment post! (Note: Dumb kids who spams will be ignore or to those that are here to farm your lame comments will be ignore as well! ) Apply using the format below: IGN: Age: Timezone: Do You Have Discord: Do you have a working microphone: On a...
  4. SmexyTeemo


    Hey yo! I am back to clean up f top starting in 6 hours I will be cannoning every f top factions. Stay tuned ;).
  5. SmexyTeemo

    -=[Yakuza Recruitment]=-

    Who are we?:unsure: We are a 60+ man faction players that likes to play competitively. Requirements to join:cool: Fill out the question below IGN: Age: Gender: Timezone: Do You Have Discord: Do you have a working microphone: On a scale to 1-10 how good are you at pvp: On a scale to 1-10 how good...
  6. SmexyTeemo

    Netflix Recruitment

    NetFlix Recruiting Who are we?o_O ▸We are a brand new faction that strive for excellence and more ▸Striving to get a lot of people in our discord What do we offer?:cool: ▸A private Faction usage only Cannon Server/Practice PvP Server(21TPS) ▸Experienced leaders ▸Active Roster ▸Organized Faction...
  7. SmexyTeemo

    HUge SuGGesTiOnS

    1.Buff the payout as it is really really low. (more on Paypal less on buycraft) 2.Remove staff applications (no more rands)(Only open it if server need staffs) 3.move the host to closer to na 4.buff the ram of the server 5.make a custom tnt jar for the server 6.Staff are not allow to play...
  8. SmexyTeemo

    GoodBye Skycade

    Hey ladies and gentlemen! Its been a long way from season 9 all the way to s12 in skycade. I have always loved this community and its lovely staff shout out to @Icy <3 well... Skycade is a fun server and all that and I got to meet a lot of great people @Tobymac that supported me for 2 seasons...
  9. SmexyTeemo


    Instead of thinking about stuff like /shop or some fancy events. How about finding a solution to pearl glitching because without epearl raiding a sky base is very hard
  10. SmexyTeemo


    Hey there! Are you in dire need of a faction? Are you hungry for pvp? Are you a cannon god however the other factions can't fulfill your needs? Fear no more as Teemo is here! Just enter your details below as I will be reviewing it everyday! IGN: Age: Discord: Specialties: How active are you...
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