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  1. Negative

    Dev Blog #4 | A more detailed insight into Factions Development

    Thank you Michael Zonc of Skycade Factions Management for the comment. I appreciate all the work you have been putting into the Skycade Factions gamemode in which my NegativeKB Development blogs are mostly based off of
  2. Negative

    Dev Blog #4 | A more detailed insight into Factions Development

    Hi everyone! This dev blog is dedicated to Factions development as the upcoming season is nearing us and I have a lot of things mentioned or not mentioned in the reset post! * We've been working to ensure a better experience in regards to cannoning on the server, and I say we've achieved that...
  3. Negative

    upgrade to new version of minecraft

    bad combat bad combat
  4. Negative

    Resignation appeal

  5. Negative

    State Of The Server + Network Reps

    this is hard cap dude, myself alone i spent probably 100-200 hours this month alone testing stuff and/or coding and doing backend work on the plugins this is an insult to what ive been doing since i became a dev
  6. Negative

    Dev Blog #3

    Hello everyone! Welcome back to your favorite series, Dev Blogs by me, negative, your favorite skycade developer of all time, best im the best Anyways, I'm sorry for not posting any dev blogs within the past month, nothing much has went on that I could talk about, but here we are today with a...
  7. Negative

    yes nmob

    yes nmob
  8. Negative

    Factions Season 21 Suggestions

    i swear i fixed this last week
  9. Negative

    Suffix Suggestions

    jokes on you i can still make titles i just cant put them up for sale !
  10. Negative

    Suffix Suggestions

    im making a cheeto suffix and no one can stop me
  11. Negative

    Dev Blog #2

    you have your credit in /about RedstoneFix
  12. Negative

    Dev Blog #2

    thanks cookielover3
  13. Negative

    Dev Blog #2

    hi guys welcome back to dev blog numbero 2, the place where you hear what's going on on the network recently and some ranting from me, your neighborhood negative this week has been relatively chill because there isnt that much to do besides some bug fixing, but some interesting bugs and...
  14. Negative

    Cannoning 2.0

    Hello. Here are some changes that I have made for Cannoning 2.0! > Implemented WineSpigot (as it's now on Factions) > Bigger plots (1,000 by 1,000 (roughly)) > Added Magic Sand > Added pre-generated walls > Added Sandwands > Added instant tntfill > Added a patching based kit, /kit...
  15. Negative

    Dev Blog #1

    Welcome to the official dev blog series, a place where you can see what's been going on on the network and some ranting from me, negative Factions went okay, it should of gone a lot better than it was suppose to. I have a slight feeling like I failed everyone with S20, if I'm going to be...
  16. Negative

    Skycade Weekly [Week: 9]

    nice spam???
  17. Negative

    Skycade Weekly [Week: 9]

    rightful mute i just decided to be nice!
  18. Negative

    Factions Season 20 Announcement

    pearls are disabled in the Abyss, forgot to put that in the announcement
  19. Negative

    The downfall of Skycade

    Nice thread. Covered the history decently well. Something I'd like to touch on, specifically regarding the server these days. Ever since I got developer and involved with higher management, it's been my goal to better the server in every way possible. I'm a developer, so that means I can effect...
  20. Negative

    Dev Blog #0 | What is this?

    Hi, so I have been thinking of doing something like this for a while. This concept is essentially a better bridge between developers and the community at large! There are no set times for when "Dev Blogs" will be posted, this is just a fun little thing that I wanted to do to keep everyone...
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