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  1. FirxDrxgon

    i think the staff have some issues with me :(

    i got muted for spamming 3 times with no warning :((((((((( feels bad!:(!(((((( @Negative
  2. FirxDrxgon

    Gruffed's and Kirpan's new skin.

    Hi, I would like to see what skin you guys can give me so I look cool or unique or whatever, if I don't see any good skins i'll just keep my skins I have now, thank you, peace. Also tell me why you want me to wear the skin of your choice, ok bye. format: skin: why i should wear: ( random...
  3. FirxDrxgon


    Hey staff! Can you please supply us with a better server host as every 5 minutes, we all lag out and lose our KS and our KDR goes worse, please look into this issue as it's probably been around for quite a while and a lot of players have been asking for another host, thank you bye Also make the...
  4. FirxDrxgon


    hi im combo im new to skycade, i dont know what gamemodes fit me so i've been trying the gamemodes, smp and skyblock are probably the best option for me cause i like being boring and mine cobble stone :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)
  5. FirxDrxgon


    hi yes devs and higher ups, it says my bday is on the 14th but it isnt, can u change it to the 21st thanks
  6. FirxDrxgon


    hey guys, im retiring because i dont like being combo on skycade and im always the worst on there, i hope u well bye
  7. FirxDrxgon

    New gamemode possibly :shrug:

    In my opinion, I think there should be a kitmap/hcf gamemode since all the other gamemodes are getting boring, and will bing a lot more players to skycade, there just needs to be smoother pvp, smoother pots, the kits and effects and the map, i think a ton of players who left skycade and who are...
  8. FirxDrxgon

    Wraith recruiting for Season 17! (if its a good season)

    Hello gamers! The new faction Wraith is going to play next season on Skycade Faction, and we are looking for members who can help with the faction! If you would like to join, you must have; Discord A Mic (No echo) A Non Illusion voice (No Squeakers) The discord is (
  9. FirxDrxgon

    Wraith factions (S16-17)

    Hello! This is the new faction Wraith and we are recruiting, we are currently looking for skills such as PvPing, grinder, base building, raiding, patching etc, If you have any of these skills or new skills you'd like to bring into the faction, message WontCombo#6998 On discord this and fill in...
  10. FirxDrxgon

    Hello players!

    Hello! I am K_di (past ign's are fi_zy and firxdrxgon. I am in NightRaid and I joined half of next season, I am the worst pvper
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