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    Skycade Updates [Week 19]

    ur mom
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    Skycade Updates [Week 19]

    Zonc wasn't officially promoted to factions manager smh! he's my assistant!
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    Factions | Pearl Realm

    Skycade Factions Pearl Realm Factions Pearl Realm will be releasing on the 19th June @ 6 pm UK Time / 1 pm EST Click here for a countdown! Season Information 5 mans - 12 Roster No Allies, No Truces 18 Hour Faction Shields 15c Buffer (3 second cannoning) The map will last 10 days! | 3 Day...
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    Skycade Updates [Week 18]

    you have failed in knowing factions once more, idk how you managed gren, but you got the info wrong
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    Resignation appeal

    You're banned
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    Factions Season 21 Announcement | Updated

    To apply to be a factions rep, you need to apply within the next 22 hours with this link!
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    Factions Season 21 Announcement | Updated

    seems kinda sus
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    Factions Season 21 Announcement | Updated

    Season 21 Factions Season 21 will be releasing on the 29th May @ 5 pm UK Time / 12 pm EST Season Information 5 mans - 12 Roster No Allies, No Truces 18 Hour Faction Shields 15c Buffer The map will last 10 days...
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    Woah This link above is the application link to apply to be a factions representative, I just reset all of the reps as my first order of business. You can apply within 24~ish hours then this will close and so will this thread.
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    Slowdown bypass for ranks.

    that's under manage messages-
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    I think there's a few punishments that could section off players just from the server where they received the punishment from, such as targeting, but as Kylo said, just don't target for now lol. Targetting isn't even fun like it used to be :(
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    Actually moderate post farming

    The issue is that the forums are in a state where it's not used actively enough where moderating smaller things such as post farming.
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    Skycade Spawn

    If they were to world download staff creative, it would be in a long time, a lot of private stuff on there is kept for other purposes than for skycade builds, such as actual building tests for builders. While builders also use the server for projects of their own, as part of being with the build...
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    Skycade Spawn

    You can ask any of the builders, but pretty sure they're allowed to send you anything from staff creative as there are a lot of builds that aren't allowed to be shown until they're released
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    Skycade Spawn

    all of the past hubs are on the staff-creative server, but you can't access that sadly
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    Skycade Spawn

    Any of Jack's old hacker catching videos
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    New Fourms

    you know the forums is being killed when this is considered one of the active threads and it literally shows only two at the moment lol
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    Hey: I haven’t been on the server in 2 years

    holy- I remember you lol, hru?
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    im just wondering is vr allowed on skycade

    You need to warn all online staff you're using VR before attempting to use it on any given gamemode. It creates issues if staff don't know
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