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  1. Nibsz

    Make a ranks only SMP Server!

    Even if I had a rank I wouldn’t play because I wouldn’t be able to talk to my friends who don’t have a rank.
  2. Nibsz

    _Mistz Resignation [Love Yall but Im out]

    I don’t know who you are since I’m new but based on the post you seem pretty chill. GL with life bro and I hope it treats you good.
  3. Nibsz


    Why you click baiting?
  4. Nibsz


    What are you interested in?
  5. Nibsz

    First post got to make it good: ... hey

    First post got to make it good: ... hey
  6. Nibsz

    Please Make A Bedwars Gamemode

    Instead of bedwars maybe a different game mode that requires a little more innovation. I feel that since bed wars has become so popular adding it yet another server is just stretching it thin. And nonetheless skycade is not a mini game server so it just doesn’t seem to fit.
  7. Nibsz

    pickup lines for the eboys of skycade

    Hey are you prisons? Because I would love to grind you (sorry)
  8. Nibsz


    It might just be you because I live in the US my connection is completely fine. I haven’t logged in since the morning so things might have changed. Have you checked to see if you have anything downloading in the background maybe?
  9. Nibsz

    add an ah notification system

    This would just promote even more sniping which is already annoying.
  10. Nibsz

    Diamond Rank

    I agree with this, Skycade offers a mostly FTP environment and there aren't many options that are left considered being FTP. If the staff added monthly keys like you ask that would make game modes PTW since you have an advantage over people without a rank. If you are going to buy the rank it...
  11. Nibsz

    Add a 'confused' reaction to the forums.

    Both of these I would like to see on the forums please.
  12. Nibsz

    asgard presents.......

    I have not played on this server enough to understand this lol
  13. Nibsz

    Save the Amazon for free

    Ecosia seems like a really good option to help the environment.
  14. Nibsz

    Give certain people report permissions

    How could it be abused? Staff still have to check to see if the person is actually abusing. If a player with perms is a repeat offender of false reports the command could easily be taken away.
  15. Nibsz

    Give certain people report permissions

    I actually agree with this. Maybe it would be a good idea to make it a donator perk for gold and up.
  16. Nibsz

    There is a closed bracket missing on

    It's not really even a bug if you just click it you'll see it extends to (Monthly).
  17. Nibsz

    KitPVP is in need of some mods.

    Unless in vanish 100% of the time prisons never really see any staff members either which causes the chat to be chaos a lot.
  18. Nibsz

    Minimod list v2

    _ItsLewis_ also said in chat he is on his 15th staff app.
  19. Nibsz

    How Thouasands Of YouTubers Made Tons Of Money Becuase Of Me

    Great and quality post. Ignore all them haters ;) 10/10
  20. Nibsz

    Miner's Luck on Prisons to follow /itemfilter

    On Prisons the Miner's Luck enchantment ignores item filter by putting trash items such as coal or coal blocks into your inventory. I think that it would be cool if it actually followed what you don't want in your inventory. It kinda makes the enchantment useless because it is taking up...
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