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  1. WelshAlex

    Skyblock Reset

  2. WelshAlex

    My 'resignation' and what I think of Skycade.

    Hi! Going to lock the thread because of toxins like @72O and @Duck being really dumb. Won't get into much detail in regards to Reece's resignation/removal because we're still friends and it's a Skycade management matter, but I will say that the primary reason Reece didn't get manager is...
  3. WelshAlex

    Insiding rule rant

    Idk who Scotty is and I haven't made any comment on that lol?
  4. WelshAlex

    Insiding rule rant

  5. WelshAlex

    Crop Hoppers not working (Specifically Iron Golem)

    Recently, last night I think, pushed an update to crop hoppers. Reported to Ricky
  6. WelshAlex


  7. WelshAlex

    Skyblock Reset

    The ores in Outback don't actually give you any ores. They give you virtual credits which can be spent on special items. If you want to mine actual ores you can pay in game money and be teleported to somewhere called the 'mining world' - there you will have ores and no pvp.
  8. WelshAlex

    Skyblock Reset

    You won't.
  9. WelshAlex

    Skyblock Reset

    Yes! We're trying our best to work our way through gamemodes without forgetting any. Factions is obviously the most demanding and requires pretty much constant work but behind the scenes we've been doing stuff for all gamemodes :)
  10. WelshAlex

    Skyblock Reset

    Hi, and welcome to the thread so many of you have been waiting for! Yep, that's right, we're resetting Skyblock. On Saturday the 26th of January at 6pm UK time we'll be resetting Skyblock with lots of new changes and updates. You all want to know what changes we're making so I suppose I'll...
  11. WelshAlex

    Always better to have less ideas per thread otherwise replies will get mixed up! If it's a...

    Always better to have less ideas per thread otherwise replies will get mixed up! If it's a relatively "big" idea then it should have its own thread e.g. "Outpost" - If it's a small idea like "nerf cactus" it can go in a thread with other small ideas.
  12. WelshAlex

    Skycade Changes for 2019

    As always lots of good ideas, lots of ill-informed bad ideas and lots of ideas that might benefit you personally but won't benefit others. Really awful thread, though. There is absolutely no way to reasonably discuss these ideas because they span several gamemodes and actual ideas. If I...
  13. WelshAlex

    Skycade New Years Resolution

    Yea we actually switched host so me, Jack, Dwayne, Ricky and iiSpace can get better ping when we PvP which is SUPER OFTEN and we definitely all rely on the GOOD PING. Dumbest thing I've heard all week. As Centurion said, we switched from OVH because for weeks they messed us around by...
  14. WelshAlex

    KitPvP Update

    Hellooooooooooo! We've got a big update just released for KitPvP, this time coming from @Taon2 in his first project as part of the Dev team. Here's a list of all the cool stuff you can check out right now! Kit Changes: -Frosty ability, Shaco ability, and TeleporterKit ability now have 10...
  15. WelshAlex

    MrSwalbert has gone bad

    Cool, stop post farming, next time is a ban @ everyone that post farmed here. Locked
  16. WelshAlex

    51 keys lost

    Gave you the keys
  17. WelshAlex

    Full Information Guide - Skycade

    Several guides have already been made but not yet published, one huge guide is a bit...
  18. WelshAlex

    Full Information Guide - Skycade

    No one, absolutely no one, wants to read 26 pages of a server guide.
  19. WelshAlex

    Kitmap and Prisons should be removed and there should only be on skyblock realm

    Fun fact: KitMap costs us precisely nothing to keep open as it runs alongside SMP, so we pay for the SMP server. Same for Prisons but with KitPvP :) Stay tuned though
  20. WelshAlex

    factions enderman hoppers

    Reported to Ricky