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  1. MomTookMyVape

    I am a failure to skycade and Jack

    Stop seeking attention on the forums my dude, it's mad annoying.
  2. MomTookMyVape

    My 'resignation' and what I think of Skycade.

    Sad to see this happen due to a joke. Good luck with your future endeavors.
  3. MomTookMyVape

    Giving away suffix

    kitkat#2552 Thanks bud
  4. MomTookMyVape

    ShepardSheep did knowingly sell Duped Items

    This whole incident is a bit weird, as the community including staff members is coming out with different testimonies on what happened and it's truly just a big mess. If we're being honest here, the evidence does really not to be released at this point - as it was admitted by Shepard that she...
  5. MomTookMyVape

    A SMP building world reset?

    If you're going to reset the building word, you might as well reset SMP overall.
  6. MomTookMyVape


    I'm not here to be negative and strike you down, but everyone advised you not to make this "series" (for obvious reasons) and you still proceeded to do so, so any negative feedback you receive is your completely your fault my man. The information mentioned is completely wrong, especially about...
  7. MomTookMyVape

    Possible new thread?

    The Skycade Weekly already features SMP news, no point. also nothing special goes on in SMP.
  8. MomTookMyVape

    Change the links in the "/vote" command

    There are many more Minecraft voting websites that Skycade can use to replace those links - we're set, we just gotta wait for the developers to correct these links.
  9. MomTookMyVape

    Change the links in the "/vote" command

    Hello, I am making this thread regarding the "/vote" command on Skycade - I'll attempt to keep this thread short. Vote Link 1: I have never received a key after voting from this specific link, but others have - I'm not sure what is going on in this instance. If you have never properly gotten...
  10. MomTookMyVape

    /wild to nether

    To be brutally honest, not needed, as the Nether design and materials are pretty much the same anywhere you go.
  11. MomTookMyVape

    Good Songs

    The only music that I primarily listen to is modern rap, so I don't think I'll be able to contribute a lot to this thread.
  12. MomTookMyVape

    Insiding rule rant

    This case is unfortunately a huge loophole in the Skycade rules and when the rules are rewritten, hopefully It’ll be fixed and clarified a bit more. However, there has to be better solutions put into place (maybe through plugins, not sure) than a staff members having to join the server and...
  13. MomTookMyVape

    Is My next ban a perm ban???

    To answer your question simply, if you violate a very important rule (such as cheating) you’ll most likely be permanently banned. If you violate a lighter rule, you’ll most likely get a smaller punishment period. Don’t take what I said to be 100% accurate, as I’m not a Skycade staff member...
  14. MomTookMyVape

    Things skycade needs

    TP Trapping is a core factions mechanic. It’s a scummy thing, but if you fall for it, it is your fault in the end of the day. I also have to disagree about removing /f fly - it is very useful and speeds up the process of constructing a base and it’s one of the things that makes Skycade factions...
  15. MomTookMyVape

    Update to 1.13 on SMP

    This is an idea suggested by many, and truly is a great suggestion! There is good news, and it is that updating SMP to 1.13 is already in progress! For some more clarification, I decided to ask WelshAlex on the Skycade Discord near the start of January about the 1.13 update and this is what he...
  16. MomTookMyVape


    No need to be so toxic, relax my dude.
  17. MomTookMyVape


    Ah, okay. I'm not here to judge whether the ban was justified or not, and I wish you the best of luck. I appreciate the explanation. I joined SMP to acquire more information about your ban and anybody who said anything related to you was told to not mention it, which I don't find very appealing...
  18. MomTookMyVape


    This thread is worded to sound like she was the one duping. I do not understand the full story, as speaking about this situation on the SMP server and trying to get more information about it, you'll be told to "be quiet" and for some odd reason. This is a scenario that everyone on SMP should...
  19. MomTookMyVape


    You were pretty active on SMP and a very well known player, it is very sad to see you go. However, a bit of respect lost for you because of the duping incident. Hopefully, we'll be able to see you playing on the server again in the future.