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  1. Cilckbaited

    Thank you Rosemary!

    Thank you Rosemary!
  2. Cilckbaited

    SMP purge.

    (I know this is a stupid idea but) Maybe Skycade can make a new smp server, but keep the old one up for people to still play on if they want to.
  3. Cilckbaited

    Currently waiting for a response on my helper application! Hope I get through! Wish me luck! 🤞😬

    Currently waiting for a response on my helper application! Hope I get through! Wish me luck! 🤞😬
  4. Cilckbaited

    Only people with 300 IQ ban hackers this way

  5. Cilckbaited

    DrFuzzyNutsPHD, sparkinator22, and michaelf2004 TRIPPLE BAN : INNAP. CREATIVE PLOT

    My IGN: Skycade_Helper Offender's IGN: DrFuzzyNutsPHD, sparkinator22, AND michaelf2004 Offence: Inappropriate Creative plots Evidence:
  6. Cilckbaited

    runnerboy1 report: Laggy plot

    My IGN: Skycade_Helper Offender's IGN: runnerboy1 Offence: Laggy plot (creative) Evidence:
  7. Cilckbaited

    Mrgruff report (innap. creative build)

    My IGN: Skycade_Helper Offender's IGN: MrGruff Offence: Inappropriate creative plot. (He built a swastika) Evidence:
  8. Cilckbaited

    The Current Flaws in KitPvP

    I agree, the winter map was 10x better. I think that they should just remove the snow, but keep everything else. They could replace presents with sometime else, but keep the general idea of that map.
  9. Cilckbaited

    Why does everyone want a smp reset?

    Zeus: *downloads wurst (god edition) and force-ops on skycade* *resets smp* "My work here is done"
  10. Cilckbaited

    Why does everyone want a smp reset?

    I mean, yes, SMP does need a reset, but still it's a really nice community with nice builds and people have put in a lot of time. I'm not really picking sides, if Skycade wants to reset SMP, that's fine with me, and if they don't, that's also fine with me. I don't play that much, so I wouldn't...
  11. Cilckbaited

    Hello! I am Michael from Norway!

    WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY SWAMP!? Also, I would recommend this video if you haven't already seen it. It is the best. Have a good time here!
  12. Cilckbaited

    Somebody help me please im desperate ;C

    Ok, sorry for the late reply, but try using direct connect to connect to skycade. Ip: Play.skycade.net But you probably already knew that 😛 It wouldn't let me connect to the server normally, so I tried direct connect and it works. Hopefully it can help you too! (Also next time you have a...
  13. Cilckbaited


    I think that without a doubt, this is what everyone should be like on Skycade. Nice, friendly, always open to talk, etc. Not toxic when they die in KitPVP, just nice. It's really cool to see someone step out from a toxic community and just... be there for people. Although I do not need help...
  14. Cilckbaited


    This is better than iNovaZ_ thought. Nice work build team! 11/10
  15. Cilckbaited

    tupprin report (Killaura in hub smh)

    My IGN: Skycade_Helper Offender's IGN: tupprin Offence: Killaura (in hub lol) Evidence: I saw earlier (not on video) that his head was moving up and down inside the herd of people at spawn, while hitting with his compass. . Also, I meant to not chat when I caught him, but I pressed enter...
  16. Cilckbaited

    I can't tell if A3_ is hacking.

    My IGN: Skycade_Helper Offender's IGN: A3_ Offence: Exploiting - Derp (didn't catch it on video) and Kill-aura. (Again, not sure if he actually is.) Evidence: . At the start, he was looking around and hitting weirdly. I don't really know if these are hacks, but if this evidence is not...
  17. Cilckbaited

    Changing forum name?

    Oh man RIP.
  18. Cilckbaited

    Changing forum name?

    Well darn.
  19. Cilckbaited

    Changing forum name?

    Ok, so, from what I know, there is no way to change your forum name, correct? . I recently changed my Minecraft IGN to "Skycade_Helper", and I would like a staff to change my forum name to Skycade_Helper, as I am no longer Cikckbaited and want people to have my correct Minecraft IGN when I post...