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  1. Ales

    A kill spoof helper. Yay

    A kill spoof helper. Yay
  2. Ales

    2016/2017 Skycade Screenshots

    Wow, that before i joined skycade...Nooraaa was helper.
  3. Ales

    Who else remembers

    Oh, play i guess i remembered that wrong. Thank for correcting me
  4. Ales

    Who else remembers

    Im pretty sure you can as long its not excessive Also, i hope im not necroposting
  5. Ales


    Thanks, for answering the questions.
  6. Ales


    1. Can you get banned for not reporting a player you know is breaking the rules? 2. Can staff create custom ban reasons? 3. What happends when you accidently break the rules? 4. How old do you have to be to apply for builder?
  7. Ales

    What is mmc

    What is mmc
  8. Ales

    i need help-

    /title list ans then /title set [name] i believe
  9. Ales

    Factions giveaway ( 3bil+ value)

    Dude sorry, but please stop minimodding so much. Also, he isnt asking for likes, well kinda, but its not a big deal and not your problem.
  10. Ales

    Crop Hoppers

    Shift + left click the hopper than the chest. If this doesnt work then convert the hopper again. /hopper convert []
  11. Ales


    +1 more factions will get it and skycade spends the same amount of dolla dolla
  12. Ales

    Pineapple on Pizza?

    No way... Margarita for life
  13. Ales


    Awesome idea! It would make it easier to find posts you need, etc. True, there are a lot of people quitting. Especially SMP players.
  14. Ales

    Urgent question kinda

  15. Ales

    Add better teams to factions

    Im pretty sure you can edit them
  16. Ales

    Factions giveaway ( 3bil+ value)

    Hi plz give money i poor also xmick og
  17. Ales

    That hurts

    That hurts
  18. Ales

    More art!

    Potter more days Gryffindor. Also im the biggest Potterhead ever. Ps im watching harry potter rn
  19. Ales


    Rekt. Also youre completely right
  20. Ales

    I've changed my ign!

    No, not yours. CoolCat343972s post