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  1. Joostagram

    Discord Ban Appeal

    Accepted, locked
  2. Joostagram

    When i open my minecraft it says minecraft quit unexpectedly Whar do i do??!??!!

    Do you have enough memory in your pc to run it
  3. Joostagram

    Discord Appeal

    Denied, locked Being creepy and saying you are going to show up at someone's house is not tolerated, you had just been unbanned for the same behavior and it looks like you still have not learned your lesson.
  4. Joostagram

    TheSpies Requirement | S13

    thats not the point of this subforum.
  5. Joostagram

    TheSpies Requirement | S13

    Next person(s) to post a ‘joke’ application here will get a warning point added to their account.
  6. Joostagram

    100 Bad Oofs

    this isnt skycade or minecraft related Locked
  7. Joostagram

    What is mmc

    its a server also not the place to post that Locked
  8. Joostagram

    [SMP] Advertising

    Denied, locked
  9. Joostagram


    Accepted, locked
  10. Joostagram

    Topos - Fast Swing

    Denied, thats a kit Locked
  11. Joostagram


    Denied, locked
  12. Joostagram

    unband me plz i was using voice changer

    Denied, appeal in a week with a more serious appeal. Locked
  13. Joostagram

    Factions Season 13! Big changes + F top prize!!

    Cactus farms and red stone farms make the server lag. Red stone automatic farms weren’t allowed this season iirc
  14. Joostagram

    discord ban

    Accepted, locked
  15. Joostagram

    Banned from discord? Crueeee

    Use the correct format Locked
  16. Joostagram

    xXKitty_MomoXx Fly Hacks?

    Looks like they were glitched into the barrier blocks. Denied, locked
  17. Joostagram

    kacperboy55's application

    You were recently banned, appeal in 2 weeks for a possible reduce Locked
  18. Joostagram

    Mute Appeal/Reduce

    Dupe thread, locked
  19. Joostagram

    My Ban Appeal

    Denied, appeal in 2 weeks with the correct formal and with more effort. Locked
  20. Joostagram

    SkyCade Weekly [Week 28]

    y'all missed gabbiiee in the promotions smh