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Quick summary for those of you who can't understand baja:

Skycade has come a long way since its beginning stages. It is still a "child" at this point and here are some things that I would like to see improved.

Signs - Signs can be put on walls to make it more difficult to raid it. The reason being, it is an invisible block whilst also being a transparent block. Which means that entities slide right past it and can't stack on it. This makes it so it takes ages to break through a signed wall. (longer than regen bust LOL). Effectively each sign adds +1 shot to break a wall. As baja states, 10 signs on each wall for 160 walls = 1,600 shots. Although not unraidable, the time it adds on to a raid is absurd. Solution: make it so signs can be stacked on.

Buffer limits - Some factions have been known to claim an extra claim beyond their 30 chunk buffers. This makes it harder to raid as most cannons have range limitations. Basically, they are breaking the rules by artificially extending their buffer. Some factions also made walls in the wilderness... Solution: Ban buffer extension claims.

Cannon box shenanigans - 24-hour cannon box rule is stupid. Basically, there is no way to prove how long a cannon box has been there and the fact that admins can unclaim the box at any time is stupid. Basically, what people do it spam obby gen buckets in an unclaimed box forcing you to move even farther back, as stated above the farther you are from the base the harder it gets to raid. Why not just mine the obby? I have a life you know... Blow it up? Obby breaker on here is so bad it isn't even funny. Solution: something about core claims? idk go read the original post

f fly stuffs - F fly should not be global. Someone standing in your claim on a different world shouldn't disable you in your base. Essentially only disable f fly if the enemy is in the current claim you are in. Also, I have some of my own stuff to add in here. Make it so we can break blocks in printer mode.

TNT - TNT economy sucks, buff TNT drops on creepers.

@RickyB98 good job with cannons this season, big improvement. I hope you saw my 2 bug reports on the pistons and obby breaker.

ah yes, I would also like to point out button spammers vs using a lever is no different from each other these days. Also, are dropper clocks allowed?
basically how fast auto clocks work is there is a redstone input (can be from anything) and it powers this clock that keeps going as long as there is an input. This input be held by anything from a storage item + comparator combo, buttons (keeping them constantly pressed, hence the name button spammers), levers, pressure plates, anything with a signal.
So banning levers is stupid because buttons literally do the same thing. The only difference is that you have to hold right click on the button opposed to hitting right click once on a lever.
bruh just make a sign bust ez pz
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