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Discord ban

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Feb 4, 2019
Ign: Sprint#2432
Pubished by:Jacob
Punished for; targetted disc
Why I should be unbanned: there is no "targetted dis", the evidence is all different people, and some of those screenshots are days apart. You can't have 'targetted disrespect" by compiling every interpretable insult ever said to literally anyone.

Also, britbout cut out the context to make it seem like I was insulting for no reason, when in actuality there was plenty of reasons. For example, I was flaming the iitrashcan dude in those 2 screenshots because he was trying to bully someone over poor English. (You can clearly see I was defending the person with the name made out of \|\/. He even tells iitrashcan to stop cyber bullying) (Screenshot 17-18) In the first ones with britbout, he was constantly tagging me after I said don't tag me(he reversed order. I told the one kid not to tag me, and britbout uses that as an excuse to tag me again) in the middle ones, he was continually interrupting me when k was pointing out hackers to online staff (who thanked me) (screenshot 9)and informing someone that Brit wasn't staff when he tried to minimod over newbies and intimidate them over every small infraction. (Screenshot 16)

Attached is the only screenshot I had on hand.


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