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Discord Rules

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Aug 5, 2018
Discord Specific Rules
These rules apply for our discord and can be found in #guidelines
Global rules can be found here and still apply on the discord: [Here]


All Discord bans can be appealed either on the forums (Here) or to a Mod+ on discord.

  • Use common sense.
  • Do not spam/flood in the chat, private message, reactions or tags.
  • Inappropriate names, statuses & pictures are not acceptable.
  • Do not advertise discords, servers, YouTube videos, etc. YouTube videos can be advertised lightly if Skycade related.
  • Do not link anything related to screamers, pornographic content, phishing/scams, virus’ or any other inappropriate website.
  • Do not post anything NSFW or any other content that may be offensive.
  • Do not excessively channel hop.
  • No soundboards, voice changers, or playing music loudly through the microphone!
  • No music bots, we have our own!
  • Do not record the channel without consent from everyone in the channel (the exception being recording for rule-breaking)!
  • Do not discuss politics, exploits, hacks or religion here. This is a discord for people to feel welcome, not uncomfortable.
  • No discrimination of any type.
  • Swearing is allowed, but in moderation. If staff warn you to slow down on the swearing, listen.
  • Do not disrespect anyone.
  • Excessive name-calling, threats or harassment will not be tolerated and will be moderated.
  • Do not abuse Discord glitches/bugs.
  • Do not ban evade, appeal instead
  • Do not impersonate.
  • Staff have the right to remove anyone they feel violated the rules.
  • Staff decision is final, do not argue/bargain with the staff.
  • Do not spam any staff member about anything. When they have the time they will check it.

All rules stated in this document are subject to change at any time.
Any initial incident resulting in a rule change will not be punished for, unless severe.

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