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Factions End Season KOTH!

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Jul 21, 2018
Hey, so this is just a little thread to explain the details of our new End of the World KOTH event! Some of you might be familiar with the concept if you've ever played a Hardcore Factions (HCF) server, as most HCF servers use a very similar concept for End of the World!

So the event will start at 3pm UK time / 10am EST on the day of a reset. At that time the whitelist will be turned on and anyone not already logged into the Factions server will not be able to connect for the duration of the event.
Prior to the event, 24 hours before, the Events World (The world that hosts KOTHs, Outback and Conquest) will be edited to be editable so that players can build small bases there and hide chests and so on. A copy of spawn will be modified to act as a KOTH and pasted at the centre of the Events world.
All players online at the time the event starts will be teleported to a random location in the Events world, along with members of their faction. Homes, teleports and various other commands will be disabled. All other worlds will be unloaded, so there'll be no way to access them.

A KOTH will start at the centre of the world, coordinates 0,0,0 and will have a longer capture time than usual KOTHs. The goal of the event is for a faction to capture the KOTH, and the first faction to successfully capture the KOTH for the specified time will be crowned the winners and will be rewarded with a prize in Season 14. Buuuuut… it's not so simple. There's a few obstacles in the way to spice things up:

- If you die, that's it. You're dead, and can't respawn for the rest of the event. This means that factions have to play it smart, and can't just go to spawn and capture KOTH from the get go because they'll be risking an early death for their members.
- The world border will be slowly shrinking in, so factions can't just camp out in the far corners of the world and expect to live until the end! This forces factions into a smaller and smaller space, and increasingly makes it likely that factions will run into each other out in the wild.
- There will be no restarts during the event, and if you disconnect due to lag you have a limited time window to rejoin before you are blocked from reconnecting. This prevents players just logging out until the last minute to avoid any PvP!
- No allying! Your allies are no more, once that event starts it's every Faction for themselves.

That pretty much covers the details of how the event works, so I suppose all you need to do is start preparing your gear and battle plans!
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