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Skycade Factions
Pearl Realm

Factions Pearl Realm will be releasing on the 19th June @ 6 pm UK Time / 1 pm EST

here for a countdown!

Season Information
  • 5 mans - 12 Roster​
  • No Allies, No Truces​
  • 18 Hour Faction Shields​
  • 15c Buffer (3 second cannoning)​
  • The map will last 10 days! | 3 Day Grace - 7 Days of Raiding!
    Raiding Outpost Enables 24 hours after grace begins
    TNT Enables 72 hours after grace began

    Eco Variant | Fishing - Farming Economy​



Prizes are given out at the end of the map!

Ftop 1: $100 USD & 40 Buycraft + 3 Orbit Clients (Thanks to our partner!)
Ftop 2: $70 Buycraft
Ftop 3: $40 Buycraft

Only 1st place will be paid in actual money, the rest of the "buycraft" is store credit to be used only on skycade's store

Cane Top: $10 USD

Set your faction’s paypal using /f setpaypal and set your leader’s discord using /f setdiscord - Make sure you set these, as we use it to give out PayPal and buycraft codes!

Do not worry about Paypal, it will not be given out to anyone except to the Owner Ricky who will pay you!

The winners of the map will also receive a suffix of their faction name!


Complete challenges and earn rewards.

Buy the Factions pass here!

The Factions Pass is split into 2 categories:
> Blaze Pass
This pass is rewarded for killing Blazes, which is the easiest one out of the two due to the other one is much more dangerous.

> Endermite Pass
This pass is rewarded for killing Endermite, which is the hardest one out of the 2 due to Endermite only being found in the Abyss!

Purchase the Factions Pass from here:


Key Map Features

The Abyss

See more information below

Outpost and Outback are now located in a separate world! Legends say they call it the Abyss…

In the Abyss, most commands are disabled. Besides some typical commands such as /f who, /f stuck, and more.

One way in, one way out... You can exit the Abyss by going through a portal found somewhere in the Abyss. Unfortunately, nobody knows where it is. Will you find it?

The rewards for Outpost are:
> 2x XP multiplier
> The Leader of the Faction gains $100,000 every 10 minutes
> 1.3x Spawner boost
> The Faction gets infinite Regeneration 1

Raiding Outpost

Raiding Outpost is an ongoing event on Factions. Similar to how a normal outpost works, players are able to raid a base with their faction members.

In order to capture the Raiding Outpost, the faction must build a cannon and breach the base.

The faction who has captured the outpost receives quite a lot of rewards to make it worthwhile!

The Rewards loosely include
Sets, Money, and Boosters!

Remember the Raiding Outpost has rules! Check them out here:

Enchant Updates!

Downgrading all gear!

Kits are maxed out at Protection 3 unbreaking 3!

What this whole downgrading entails is this
We'll be adjusting gear to more of an HCF limit of enchanting, Protection 2 will be the highest protection you can get without using a Gkit or Crate item!

KoTH and Conquest will have the best sets possible

All the kits have been downgraded in general essentially

We felt this was best to make PvP based more around skill and how you use your resources well.

Blacksmith Updates!

Enchanting tables are disabled, now both vanilla and custom enchants will be bought from /eshop or the blacksmith!

As a way to prevent people from getting enchants that we aren't allowing this map

We've made it so if you attempt to use an enchant table it will open /eshop, and prevent the combining of enchants

Store Updates!?

GKits & New Crates are being added to the store!

Shortly on the store, we will be posting the GKits & New Crate + the bundles that follow!

Knight Gkit - It will be a Demi-God set that will be on a 24 hour cooldown, upon SOTW this will kit will not work for the first 24 hours of the map to prevent P2W favoring SOTW

It contains full Protection 2 and Unbreaking 3 armor with all custom enchants!

Bard Gkit
You all wanted this, and it's here!

Bard will contain full Protection 4 Unbreaking 3 Iron Armor, with all of the bardly things you'd require to be the best bard!

Prices will be up within a day or two!

Upgradable Fishing Rods!??!?!?!?!!?

It's been requested, as such we'll be having upgradable fishing rods, these rods can catch spawners, keys and especially fish! These levels are gained through a certain amount of catches, these rods level cap at 3!

Crate Updates!!!

We will be adding a new crate called Spawner Crate, solely for spawner rewards and a means to not receive anything other than just spawners if you're in the mood for that!

Other Important Changes & Updates

  • Envoys are replacing AirDrop, every two hours there will be an envoy that spawns in the warzone, they contain a misc of items that can range from Common-Legendary items!

    Harvester Hoes are now updated to gain even more tokens per level!!! Rather than the old RNG-based system.

    We will be removing the Leaderboards that tracked Cane and KoTH wins, while these features were enjoyed they made restarts take way too long as they had to retrack all of the data each time (poor eric)

    A few old Custom Enchants were removed, they were usually ones that were not liked or had been causing bugs.

    McMMO is removed from this map until we find a means to actually want to have it back.

    We added a new Custom Enchant called "Gank", it's based on the range of how close your faction members are, if your faction members are within 20 blocks, you will gain a 1.2x multiplier of damage and two absorption hearts (This will wear off if your faction member has left you and then it takes 10 seconds to dissipate)​
No Fire Weapons

Starting power is 50 and maxes out at 400! (The rate of increase and decrease is 8 power per minute and 10 per death respectfully)

The player with the highest cane mined (through /canetop) will also receive the "NoCaneNoGain" Suffix!


The store will be updated to reflect the new season soon!
Get Discounted After Reset Key here or grab yourself the Factions Pass!

Click here for the store link!

We are also in need of new factions staff! Apply above on the forums page!

Want to represent factions? Apply here!

Update yourself on our rules here!

We'll see you at SOTW!​
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