Factions Pearl Rules Document

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Factions Pearl Rules Document
Link to Google Document

Opening Note
The full rules can be found on the above Google document. Some outlined information can be found below with what is important and new that has been added to the rules, Please familiarise yourself with all the rules, many rules have changed and will be enforced from the first day of the map.

We want the player base to have the most enjoyable experience possible on our Factions server. On joining the Skycade Network Factions Server, players must agree to the following terms:

  • It is the player’s responsibility to read the rules and be up to date with them if they are edited.
  • If a rule is broken, the offending players will be subject to punishment under the timelines seen in this document or at the discretion of the admin team.
  • These rules are subject to change at any given time, without warning or pre-given context. All edits to this document will be announced to the public in-game and in the Discord as they are written.
  • In certain cases, the management team reserves the right to change a rule after a player has been punished to protect the community.
  • Screenshare staff hold the right to screenshare players at any time, for any reason. Refusal to screenshare, no matter the excuse, will result in you being punished following the same bans timeline.

Universal rules can be found on the forums. The rules outlined in this document are specific to factions and do not apply to other gamemodes unless marked with a (U).
All rules fall under the discretion of the admin team. The staff’s decision is the final decision made.
If you require further assistance or guidance on these rules please make a ticket in the Discord.
As a general rule of thumb, any punishment after the 30d time frame will be permanent unless a member of the Strike Team specifically says otherwise.
All factions-related punishments will be reset every 2 maps. This is only specific to factions and does not apply to other gamemodes.

Map Information
Pearl Map 1 commences on the 19th of June 2021 at 13:00 PM EST, sponsored by Orbit Client.

Faction Sizes: 5 man, 12 roster
Map length: 10 days - 3 days grace, 7 days TNT
Economy: Fishing and Abyss
Cannoning speed: 3 second cannoning, 3 second countering
Raiding Outpost: 10c buffers, world reset every 30 mins
Base lengths: 15c buffers, 1c ocean

Essential Information
  • Auto Adjusts have been made illegal
  • Raiding Outpost rules have been clarified after it has been readded

1st: $100 + 3 copies of Orbit Client
2nd: $70 + 1 copy of Orbit Client
3rd: $40

Cane top: $10 + Unique Suffix
Map Bans
Map Bans will be found on this document under the listing of a 10-day ban. This is to prevent players from wanting to engage in illegal activities. If a player is a repeat offender over multiple seasons, the punishment may increment overtime at the discretion of the Strike Team. We intend all Map Bans to function so players are able to return to the server for future maps, however, the Factions Team understand that repeat offenders may be subject to further punishment.
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