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False banned: complete refutation

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New member
Nov 3, 2019
My IGN: bcsb1001
Platform: server
Punished by: Sara7645
Reason: "Malicious Hacks"
Date of punishment: 8th December 2019
Why you should be unbanned: I did not use any hacks. Please watch at 0.25x speed to understand my explanation fully.
Evidence #1
0:40 was cited as a "headsnap". Here is my perspective, since this happened just before the start of my other video.
From the angle Sara7645 viewed this from, it appears that I could not have seen SU_Cradles or known he was standing there until he stepped into my range. This would mean that I could not have switched my aim to him that quickly. That is a misunderstanding. In my video, it is clear that I could easily follow the position of SU_Cradles visually for a few seconds before hitting him. At 0:03, I could see in my peripheral vision that he stepped within range so I landed a hit on him. I was prepared to turn it into a 3-way fight (which I find more fun), but evidently SU_Cradles decided not to join in. I didn't have a problem with this, so I didn't go after him because I already had someone to fight.
Evidence #2
This is a 40 second video in which I "head snap constantly" according to NegativeKB. I will explain each quick switch between people in light of my own video.
0:02 in Sara's video, 3:49 in my video
I could see dlyn attacking me from in front and iStalklolitsalex flanking me from behind. Since it was a 1v2 situation, I was mentally tracking the positions of both of these players. I switched my aim over to iStalklolitsalex in an attempt to fight back on both sides, since it is hard to win a fight when you are getting hit from 2 sides and only fighting back on 1. NegativeKB accuses me of having aim assist. If you watch my perspective of this "head snap" in 0.25x speed, someone who has experience of aim assist will be able to tell that this is not what aim assist would look like. There is a very fast movement from facing dlyn to the edge of iStalklolitsalex's hitbox, but after that I don't follow his hitbox very accurately at all. Aim assist would track the hitbox very accurately. Furthermore, dlyn was closer to me at this point, and PvP hacks tend to target the closest player. Why would an aim assist suddenly snap to a player who is further away?
When I move my aim back to dlyn, I move my mouse way too far to the right (why would an aim assist do this?). I then correct this with jagged, human movements. Not the smooth movement towards the centre of the hitbox that you would see with aim assist.
0:04 in Sara's video, 3:51 in my video
After landing a hit on dlyn, I attempt to switch my aim back to iStalklolitsalex, who I still believe is hitting me from behind. Except there's no one within range - he had stepped away. If I was cheating, why would my client head snap onto empty space?
0:05 in Sara's video, 3:52 in my video
At this point, I move my mouse half way from dlyn to iStalklolitsalex to see whether iStalklolitsalex has come back to join the fight again (he has). This is not aim assist, because it's not snapping onto any player, it's just me gathering information. After this, when I move my mouse back to iStalklolitsalex at 0:06/3:52, you can see that the rapid mouse movement stops when I am aiming just to the right of his hitbox. Aim assist would stop directly on the hitbox. Even when I do manage to aim directly at him, he's out of reach and only takes fire damage.
0:07 in Sara's video, 3:54 in my video
I am in a combo from iStalklolitsalex, so I try to switch around and get some hits on dlyn. However, I look way too far to the right and have to correct it. Why would I be so inaccurate if I was using aim assist? The answer is I had no way of knowing his exact location because I'm a human, not an aim assist.
0:12 in Sara's video, 3:59 in my video
This is another counter-example to the "head snap" theory. Here, I am not sure if iStalklolitsalex is back to hit me from behind, so I quickly look behind me to find out. There is no one there. An aim assist would not snap onto thin air. Only paying attention to the examples where there is a player there would be confirmation bias.
0:14 in Sara's video, 4:01 in my video
Another inaccurate "head snap". I miss iStalklolitsalex's hitbox by a little bit, and there is no aim assist to correct this.
0:15 in Sara's video, 4:02 in my video
It is easy to switch my aim to dlyn here because he doesn't leave my field of view. However, my aim is inaccurate because there is no aim assist so I hit to the right of his hitbox, then to the left before finally landing a hit.
0:18 in Sara's video, 4:05 in my video
In the seconds leading up to this, I have a good view of dlyn's position, so I am able to move my aim towards him. Once again, however, I aim slightly too far to the right and miss. On my next attempt at hitting him, I aim slightly too far to the left. There is no smooth aim assist movement towards his hitbox.
0:23 in Sara's video
When iStalklolitsalex jumps over the lava, it appears that he "head snaps" in the same way that I was doing. He's not cheating, he just evidently has good aim. Yet I am banned for being able to reproduce this more often.
0:26 in Sara's video, 4:13 in my video
Another "head snap" where there is in fact no one there. Again, I'm trying to see if there's anyone behind me. In this instance there isn't. Aim assist only assists aiming at players.
0:38 in Sara's video, 4:25 in my video
I was aware from what I saw in the seconds leading up to this that iStalklolitsalex was behind me. Again, I was trying to fight on both sides to have a chance in the 1v2. However, when I turn towards iStalklolitsalex, I don't realise he's above me, so I only move my mouse horizontally. When I realise he's above me, I have to adjust my angle. An aim assist would know the angle and would snap in a straight line towards where the player is.
0:39 in Sara's video, 4:26 in my video
When I turn back towards dlyn, he's not in range and I do not look directly at him because my aim is imperfect. iStalklolitsalex is still closer to me. An aim assist program would have no reason to snap in this scenario because there was another closer player, and my mouse movement does not even snap perfectly onto dlyn. When I move my mouse back to iStalklolitsalex, I miss his hitbox completely for several hits and there is no smooth correction by an aim assist.
Evidence #3
This is my own video so it was not part of the evidence that was determined to be sufficient to ban me with, but it was used as evidence in denying my appeal.
At this point I am fighting Anothuor and iTales, standing in pretty much the same place. I turn around because I ran past iTales (Anothuor dies here), and then I see Pxng so I fight him for a few seconds. The reason I turned around at 1:08 was because iTales did not die, so I believed he could still be standing behind me and be ready to attack me. Instead, I saw a different player (iStalklolitsalex), and I was equally happy to fight him so I did.
I was of course aware that Pxng was still behind me, so I accepted the three-way fight. I move my mouse the long way round (anticlockwise would have been shorter - humans are arbitrary, whereas an aimassist would always take the shortest path) and well past where Pxng is, while he is out of range. An aim assist would not lock to him when he's out of range like this and would not overshoot the movement.
I attempt to get another hit on iStalklolitsalex, but he's run out of range. An aim assist would only snap if there was a player there.
Having seen Pxng approach in my peripheral vision, I attempt to land a hit on him, but my mouse does not track him as an aim assist would so I miss.
Another "head snap" behind me when there's no one there. Same thing at 1:17.
I aim above where gingecastfriend1 is and track him very inaccurately, because I don't have aim assist.
Here, iStalklolitsalex and dlyn are standing very close together. It is really not difficult in this scenario to switch my aim between them and it makes perfect sense to do so. I'm fighting 2 people, so I should attempt to do damage to both of them. I don't see any "head snap" here that is particularly difficult to reproduce without an aim assist.
The closest player to me here was TheSauseyCow. Surely, an aim assist would snap onto him rather than the other 2 players near me. I can clearly see the position of iStalklolitsalex so I attempt to get a hit on him, but I hit to the left of his hitbox, then to the right, and miss. An aim assist would be rather more accurate than this.
I move my mouse to the last place I saw iStalklolitsalex at, which is just to the right of his hitbox, then correct my aim and manage to hit him. An aim assist would have been more smooth.
I turn around to try to get a hit on iStalklolitsalex, not realising he's sitting well out of reach in a pool of lava. This is not the behaviour of an aim assist. I then switch my aim to TheSauseyCow.
I use my peripheral vision to switch between dlyn and iStalklolitsalex, although there is never a smooth snap directly onto their hitboxes. There is no aim assist.
3:49 onward, including the 4:04 accusation
I covered this above as part of refuting the first evidence video.

I should note that I have 7 years of practice in PvP, so some of the techniques I have developed are quite unusual. I understand the staff's confusion.
Please take the time to read my analysis and answer my questions, in particular why I would "head snap" when there is no one there. Only a human would do that, not a hack.
Thank you for reading.

Screenshot of punishment:


I resign gg
Sep 28, 2018
After a very long discussion about your punishment, we have decided to unban you.

Although, I'm going to warn you right now that you running until your combat timer is out and doing /hub is NOT allowed and next time you are caught doing it you will be banned.

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