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I am sorry.

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Jan 3, 2019
My IGN: NotDebut
Platform: (Discord, server, forums): Discord.
Punished by: I think it was Joostagram, not entirely sure.
Reason: Light advertisement /channel
Date of punishment: about 4 months ago I presume.
Why you should be unbanned/unmuted: Well, I have learnt from the lesson that advertisement of any kind is prohibited on Skycade. (Not if it's about skycade it's self) I just feel that I cant get engaged with the community now. I just wish that I can be apart the community and actually do some helping instead of wasting staff's time for a silly advertisement. I just want to engage with staff and my Skycade friends. I have also learnt that if your actually obeying the rules of skycade it gets a lot more fun when you are not. The Time when I got banned I was offline and in a middle of a mass hack attack. My social media, Main minecraft acc, a few more things. I didn't know I was banned. so I just created an account and join the skycade discord without realising the action I have made. About 2 day's later I got banned again. (This was about 1 week ago, When I managed to get one of my mc accounts back and some of my social media) Very Very confused. I contacted bcof saying who banned me and I am not sure Why I was banned. he said, Joostagram and showed me the evidence. then it came all straight to my head about the time I advertised my channel. I am very sorry and I am hopping if you can unban my discord account. Discord name : NotDebut#1253
Screenshot of punishment: I am afraid I don't have any
Not open for further replies.