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In-game Rules


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Jul 21, 2018
  • No harassment
Don't harass people; no spamming mean comments, revealing personal information and so on.

  • No abusing bugs of any kind
Don't use bugs within plugins or Minecraft itself to your advantage e.g. duping.

  • No alt abusing
Each IP is allowed 5 accounts connected to it. That can be your main account and 4 alts or you and a brother with 3 alts etc. Don't go over 5 accounts, or you'll be perm banned. You must keep track of how many accounts are on your IP, however, a staff member can tell you how many accounts you currently have on your ip (not the names).

  • No alt claiming (Factions)
You can't have your main and alts in different factions to use the alts for claiming land.

  • No inappropriate skins, capes, or Minecraft usernames
Don't have inappropriate images on your skin, and nothing you can't say in chat in your name.

  • No ban or mute evading
If you've been banned or muted you can appeal, but don't evade your punishment. Evading a punishment can range from going on an alternate account to avoid the punishment or using signs to avoid a mute.

  • No inappropriate item names
Again, self-explanatory. If you're not allowed to say it in chat, you're not allowed to rename an item it.

  • No hacking / using unapproved mods
List of approved mods: https://skycade.net/threads/approved-mods.1/

  • No deliberate annoying of staff
Includes things like excessively targeting staff on kitpvp. Targeting involves waiting for you to jump, stalking you etc.

  • No IRL Trading
No trading things ingame with someone for things involving IRL money or purchasing.

  • No inappropriate builds or fly/lag machines
Includes things like building genitalia or swear words on a plot. Also includes abusing world edit to make lag machines (such as a plot of nether portals).

  • No use of macros or scripts
Includes things such as a /soup macro, an auto melon selling script, autoclicker, or anything similar. Macros are allowed to avoid being AFK kicked.

  • No f fly abuse (Factions)
F fly is only to be used for moving around at your faction base, cannons, or traps. Not for things such as pvping or getting to places outside your claims

  • No Insiding (Factions)
Includes raiding a faction you left using homes you set while you were part of said faction. Accomplices will also be banned.

  • No using GenBuckets to repair walls while being raided (Factions)
It's fine to repair by hand.

  • No watering or blocking up spawners (Factions)
Watered/blocked spawners will be drained and the blocks broken by an admin if found or reported in.

  • No claim camping (Factions)
Do not repeatedly or purposefully go into faction claims to prevent them from being able to fly. Being geared and in their claim to pvp or raid is fine.

  • B*tch Claiming (Factions)
No claiming against another faction to prevent them from being able to extend their base/traps. It is okay to claim right against an already established faction but not ok to make a base immediately against it. There must be at least 10 chunks between the faction claims of completed bases.

  • No Redstone Crop Farms (Factions/Skyblock)
Crop farms that rely on redstone to function are not allowed

  • Do not grief (Skyblock/SMP/Creative)
Don't destroy or intentionally ruin someone else's build or steal from them. No cobble monsters

  • No scamming (Skyblock/SMP/Creative/Prisons)
This means you can't scam, simple as. If you agree to a deal and one person fulfils their end, you have to fulfil yours.
This now also includes lowballing/highballing. You are not allowed to knowingly convince a new player that something is worth almost nothing when it's a rare / high value item, nor are you allowed to convince them what you're selling is worth a lot when it's actually not.

  • No void jumping (Skyblock)
This means you can't jump off the arena to avoid being killed and/or run away. Jumping off arena teleports you back up and gives you a couple of seconds of immunity, giving you an unfair advantage. Doing so will result in a bug abuse ban.

  • No excessive targeting (KitPvP)
You cannot repeatedly kill (or attempt to kill) a specific player in quick succession, wait for a specific player to drop down from spawn, and kill them repeatedly as they do.

  • No faking hacks
Self explanatory, don't pretend to have hacks or it'll end up leading to a ban.


  • No excessive use of caps
Using caps for more than 4 words in a row or 15 characters is considered excessive.

  • No spamming
The following constitutes as spam;
- 3+ identical or very similar messages in a short burst of time
- 5+ identical or very similar messages over a longer period of time
- 10+ of the same character, or just jibberish e.g. "oooooooooooooooooo" or "dhjgfhvghshfsdhv"
Note: Any hacked client spam (Example) is considered a 30d ban for having a client, and not a mute.

  • No swearing / cursing
Rather self-explanatory. Don't bypass the filter and don't use words that people would consider swearing.

  • No being disrespectful
Self-explanatory again. Just don't be mean or disrespectful. Regular faction saltiness is accepted, just don't take it overboard. This includes any discriminatory language such as the n word. Directly insulting a player, particularly excessively.

  • No advertising
Light advertising is:

- Asking players to join a competing server such as the Archon via mentioning the server’s name in general conversation. This excludes servers like Mineplex and Hypixel, as they are not competitors and are of a level of notoriety that means they don't need advertising.
- Advertising YouTube or Twitch channels that do not contain Skycade content. This includes just telling players the name or posting the link.
-Discord links that are not the Skycade discord.
-Light advertising also excludes asking a competing player or faction to fight you on a practice server (Eg. let’s settle this dispute with a 5v5 on Velt)

Advertising is:

- Trying to recruit players to a competing server by giving out the IP.
- Any short link or link that doesn't go to a trusted website (YouTube, Instagram etc) - biturl's for example. These may be IP grabbers, so don't click them!

  • No asking staff for items / free things
Does what it says on the tin. Don't be a pain.

Violating any of these rules will result in the relevant punishment listed in the following post. This list of rules is not exhaustive - punishments can also be issued at the discretion of Admins+ for actions that may not be explicitly mentioned in this post.

***NOTE*** - Using any unorthodox clicking methods such as butterflying, two mice, a double click button etc. risks you being banned for autoclicking. Use these at your own risk.
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Jul 21, 2018
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