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People go to jail irl for this kind of stuff

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Mar 1, 2019
My IGN: Massew
Offender's IGN: Asgard as a whole
Think about if someone cheated on a game show or race, and won money. That would be considered deception, which is illegal, and in some cases would go to jail. Now to Asgard, who have been cheating there spot on f top one. Let's start with them getting banned for insiding, which you never rolled back Brooklyn. Then there was the claim extending
as you can see there is the extension,
then they blatantly lied about it,
then they removed the extension. That's an offense right there, NO ONE got punished for it. And there was the duping thing. We have _mistz, a MOD building and using an illegal cannon off the claim extensions
which is in that youtube vid. They used looting swords. We have Asgard admitting to duping

Next up, we have Smoothed using ka.
which is apparently “not sufficient” and if Smoothed is so “good” at pvp, why would he attacking with a golden apple. Then right after sn1proam’s cannon didn't work,
this happened

I know its cropped, just deal with it. There were also end-game spoilers in the spam. No one else knew about the cannon then Asgard, so that was def them.

So all I'm asking for is this server to step its game up and for Asgard to get disbanded or ATLEAST disqualified for payout.

Message to Alex, By what you are doing right now, you are telling everyone that the rules don't matter on skycade. That you can get money from cheating, and that your authority doesn’t matter. So now, are you gonna step up and fix this season, or are you gonna be walked all over?

the ENTIRE server
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