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Simple Fixes


Aug 6, 2018
I've got a few simple changes to improve the server, mainly KitPVP.

Firstly, why are we slerping(?) players to their spawn location after they stand on the pressure plates? The difference in experience for people with over 150ms is really bad. I have no idea what function is being used that would drag players around in circles around their spawnpoint when they're laggy, but it seems a hell of a lot more complex than just tping them there. There's already an invincibility timer when a player spawns in, so the lag from just teleporting people would be offset by that. This also removes the need for blindness - I say need, but there's no need for it now anyway. Why bother? Moreover, even if the server were to keep interpolating players to their spawn position, I don't see why the method used has to be so buggy. Hypixel's The Pit smooths player position the way KitPVP seems to want to, but with no bugs - no suffocating in walls, no whirlpooling around in circles, no "/spawn if you're stuck".

Secondly, please bring /duel back to KitPVP and/or factions. If a player is willing to go to the hub to duel, it'd be just as easy to go to a 1v1 server like Minemen Club, as is the norm. If the command is available in-server, and people can see the outcome like they could way back in the day, duels would be far more popular. Right now it seems like wasted potential. Moreover, if wagers were added (either coins or factions money), I would imagine a large spike in /duel usage. I'd love to see the stats of duels right now, my bet would be an average of less than 2 fights per week.

thats all love you thx xx