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Skyblock Enchants Guide


Well-known member
Jul 21, 2018
A quick guide to the enchanting system being used on Skyblock!

Leveling up your enchants on prisons is quite simple, most of the work is done through combining books!
When you add an enchanted book to another enchanted book, the levels of those enchantments combine. So efficiency 1+1 will give you efficiency 2, efficiency 3+2 will give you efficiency 5 etc. But when you try adding those books to items, weapons, or armour it becomes a little more difficult. In order to add an enchantment to an item etc the item must already be enchanted with the enchant you'd like to add, but at the next level below. Let's run through an example:

So let's say you have an unenchanted diamond pickaxe, and you want to get that diamond pickaxe to efficiency 5.
You can't just get an efficiency 5 book and add it to your pickaxe, that won't work.
What you need is 15 efficiency 1 books (or a combination that let's you do the following steps anyway).

Step 1. Add an efficiency 1 book to your pickaxe, making the pickaxe efficiency 1.
Step 2. Combine 2 of your efficiency 1 books into an efficiency 2 book.
Step 3. Add your efficiency 2 book to your efficiency 1 pickaxe, this will give you an efficiency 2 pickaxe.
Step 4. Combine 3 of your efficiency 1 books into an efficiency 3 book.
Step 5. Add your efficiency 3 book to your efficiency 2 pickaxe, making it an efficiency 3 pickaxe.
Step 6. Repeat the steps 2-5 with higher efficiency numbers until you finally get the efficiency 5 pickaxe you wanted.

To combine books or add them to items/weapons/armour you drag and click the book onto whatever item or book you're trying to combine it with in your inventory.
The same goes for any items, armour and weapons.
Some enchantments have a lower limit than others, so will require less work.

If you want further clarity please DM a member of staff!