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Skyblock Specific Rules

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dev boi
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Aug 5, 2018
Skyblock Specific Rules
These rules apply specifically to Skyblock on the Skycade server.
Global rules can be found [Here]​

  • No Griefing
Don't destroy or intentionally ruin someone else's build or steal from them. This includes builds that are on islands you’re added to. The island owner has the final say in what can and cannot be built. Cobble monsters fall under this rule too.

  • No Scamming
If you agree to a deal with another player and one of you fulfills your side of it, this means that the deal has to be completed - anything else would be considered as scamming.

This also includes highballing/lowballing. You are not allowed to knowingly convince a new player that something is worth almost nothing when it's a rare/high value item, nor are you allowed to convince them what you're selling is worth a lot when it's actually not.

  • No Inappropriate Builds or Automatic Redstone Farms
Includes things like building genitalia or swear words. The use of redstone is allowed for things like doors and other machines, but automatic crop farms are not allowed. Automatic cactus farms are not allowed under this rule as well.

  • No Void Jumping
While largely fixed by the combat wall around the arena, jumping into the void to avoid combat is not allowed. This is considered bug abuse.

  • No TP Trapping or Illegally Killing Players
This means that you cannot teleport players to you or your pwarp and trap them (lava, nether portals, etc).

Killing a player where PvP is disabled is not allowed. The only place PvP is enabled is in the arena. Deliberately killing a player while not in the arena is not allowed. Pushing a player into the arena and killing them is not allowed.


All rules stated in this document are subject to change at any time.
Any initial incident resulting in a rule change will not be punished for, unless severe.​
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