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Some Skyblock Suggestions


usually asleep
Aug 8, 2018
Just some suggestions for skyblock- I know some have already been suggested in various places but I thought I’d just add to them here

1. Make /is coop permanent again
It’s hard to work on alts/friends islands and help with things if they have to be online- especially if you are building something for them. Either that, or add something like /is friend which allows for someone to be listed as a friend of the island and hence can build/edit.

2. Add /home again
Our personal island is huge, and it’s just annoying having to travel all the way across from the is warp back to where you were working every time you leave the island. Also working in the nether is a pain (since /back doesn’t work) so allowing us to set homes would make lives easier

3. Allow every island member their own personal /is warp.
Even though I’m on an island, since I am not the owner I’m not allowed to set or move an is warp, this is annoying as people might like to open little shops on a small part of the island, but they can’t because there is only one warp into the island.

4. Add the custom armour stands to Skyblock (at some point)
Give people the chance to make their is warps look fancy and be able to have a little more fun and creativity to their builds overall

I do have to thank the staff/devs for some really awesome additions such as the lottery, minions and the huge lag reduction (yay!), but these suggestions here (bar the 4th) would just make playing skyblock a little bit smoother and easier for players.

Let me know your thoughts and if there are any other things you’d like to see


Aug 12, 2018
These are very nice suggestions Ender!

1) Definitely. I liked helping Lone with stuff but if he did a duel or logged off I was uncooked, which was annoying.

2) Yes, yes, and yes again. I liked having homes on other islands, but this is no longer possible since they removed them. It’s really unfortunate and I’d like to see them return sometime.

3) Mhm. In s3 I had a shop and my other island members had spaces of their own where people could separately warp to each of them. The thing is, /is warp was where you warped to for /is (and you had a different /is than your teammates) and I’d use a pwarp for my shop. But adding what you suggested is nice too, since they said pwarp probably won’t be coming back.

4) Yea that would make decoration of the island nicer.

Overall, really good suggestions