The Rules Regarding Alts

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    The Rules Regarding Alts

    The purpose of this thread is to cover the rules regarding alts as of 14/11/16. If you have any further questions, please feel free to make a thread in General Support.

    What is an 'alt'?
    An 'alt' is shorthand for 'alternative account'. This is an account that you own but do not use primarily. If you log on to SkyCade with an account other than your main account, it will be considered an alt.

    How many alts can I use on SkyCade?
    You may log on to SkyCade with up to 5 accounts. If 6 or more accounts are used, you will be banned on all accounts for alt abuse. This is to stop abuse such as having 30 accounts use kit monthly for you.

    What about siblings?
    When you join SkyCade, you connect with a unique IP. This is your Internet Protocol. Everyone who connects from the same internet connection has the same IP, therefore if you and a sibling both play in the same household, you will not be considered different people, rather one of you will be considered an alt. The alt limit of up to 5 accounts still stands. This does not change in the case of siblings. You may only have up to 5 MC accounts associated with your IP.

    If your sibling is punished for something, you may also be punished as it could be deemed alt abuse. If you can prove that you are two (or more) different people, we will be happy to remove any punishment. To prove that you are a different person to your sibling, both of you will need to join our TeamSpeak server and talk to a staff member. The IP of our TeamSpeak server is If you do not have TeamSpeak, you can download it here.

    Can my alt account join my faction?
    Yes, as long as you use no more than 5 accounts on SkyCade, your alts can join your faction.

    Can I use an alt to evade a punishment?
    No. If you bypass any punishment, whether that be mute or ban, on another account, you will receive a harsher punishment than the original one. The severity of this punishment will be at the discretion of the staff member.
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