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Vhyn unmute appeal (mobile sorry 4 mistypings)

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Feb 3, 2019
My IGN: vhyn
Platform: server
Punished by: MarvelDC
Reason: targeted disrespect
Date of punishment: August 22, 2019, 21:16
Why you should be unbanned/unmuted:

First off, a million apologies due to this being done on mobile. If needed I can repost it when I get home with the screenshots necessary if you don't believe me, which is understandable from past punishments. I do hope however you look at this case with an open mind. Thanks in advance.

MarvelDC as we all know is a Mod of skycade with a male skin and uses the Egirl suffix.
Bruhium_Momentium asked if Marvel was a trap. I replied, "no hes a lame trap." He then asked if us calling him that was punishable for cyberbullying. I said that you could get punished for "Targeted disrespect, but if it's an obvious joke your fine but lots of people can't take jokes. Cyberbullying is like telling people to die or racial slurs."

We then proceeded to get muted for targeted disrespect. No one was upset about what we were talking about In chat, nor did Marvel warn or anything about our conversation.

I hurried onto discord and messaged Astro, as I thought he was on at the time but it was his friend instead. I sent him screenshots of what had happened. I talked to a few others as well, including SeniorDiscount, (before she became staff.) Kwuf, SteveKiller, etc. I spoke to around 10 people iirc? I'd have to check when I get home. I then had a chat with Marvel.

I do admit that I was frustrated with him as he was the one who punished me, and I acted a bit childish. He only told me u was muted for targeted disrespect because I said "lame trap".
When I had spoken to friends on discord, they took the liberty of speaking to Marvel for more information. This is where I found out he punished me because it was "discrimination towards trans". I do not understand why Marvel didn't tell me when I spoke to him, but that's fine. I must also admit that I myself had told Marvel that Bruhium called him a trap first. It is my fault that he was muted and I apologize for that.

I had also spoke to Noah, one of the staff members I get along with. Albeit it was in my frustration still, I tried to appeal. He had spoken to Alex himself and then denied my appeal.

However upon a little more research, I had found two videos that can shed some light on the subject.

The first video is 5m. It's by someone who runs an LGBT tumblr.

And the second video is by a trap himself. This is a 35 minute video.

After watching these essential videos, I must thank you for taking the time to do so. I mean it. It means a lot for you to take time out of your day to look at this appeal to begin with. Now, your opinion might not be changed, as it's very difficult for it to be changed regardless of what's presented. My opinion stands as that traps are different from trans. However I at least hope you acknowledge that some people have the same opinions, LGBTQ community included. From the research, and the traps I've talked to over the years, trans and traps both agree they are different, and that traps are not directed towards trans. I am deeply sympathetic.

Another thing I must add, most know me on kitpvp and for using my egirl skins, pink name, and shroom suffix. When I went on with a Male twin skin (when I was unmuted) everyone I've truced with called me a trap. No one had an issue with it. Obviously it's been awhile, and I cant remember the staff that were online at the time. But no one was punished or warned for any of that either. No one in chat was being hateful or unreasonable for that either. The same case was for when Bruhmium and I were muted. The only one who found it unreasonable over it was Marvel. I understand that's the job of staff. But does it need to be punished when no one is offended by it?

One can clearly look at my punishment history and tell me that I haven't learnt anything. I've bid my time and told myself I wasn't going to make an unmute appeal. But after realizing that I could appeal using the videos above, i decided to give it a shot. Again, I must apologize for being on mobile and unable to provide screenshots at this time. If they are needed I shall repost with the included evidence. In this appeal those videos are my main reason for asking another chance at speaking. Again, I commend and deeply thank you for watching them, and reading this post. I mean it.

Screenshot of punishment: My ban history. Sorry no screenshot.
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Jan 13, 2019
Thank you for appealing!

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